What is FSB Online?
A. FSB Online means real-time access to your First Security Bank account information, including checking your balances, reviewing statement transactions, transferring funds between accounts, and sending secure Bank Mail to First Security Bank at any time. The types of accounts which, can be accessed include Checking, Savings, Certificates, IRA's and Loan accounts. You may also utilize the Bill Pay option, which allows you to pay your bills online. Additional features include a transaction search, the ability to download transactions to Personal Financial Manager software, change of address requests and an easy- to-use loan calculator.

Q. What additional features does the Bill Pay option include?
A. The Bill Pay feature gives you the ability to pay all of your bills from your home or business computer. Currently over 700 Merchants are set up to receive electronic payments through the Bill Pay Service. These Merchants can be viewed on our payee list when adding a payee. All other payees that you enter manually will receive a check in the mail from the Bill Pay Service. You can set up future dated and recurring payments, which will you save time and worry. You can also check the status of your payment, allowing you to more closely monitor the payment process.

Q. How can I enroll for FSB Online?
A. Click on the "FSB Online "button and then click on "Sign up for Online Banking and Bill Pay". Complete the enrollment form, answering all required questions. You will not be automatically enrolled in the Bill Pay option. The enrollment form will be processed and you will receive a confirmation e-mail stating that you have been enrolled. If you are not a current customer, please call us or stop by First Security Bank for details.

Q. Is FSB Online secure?
A. Yes. First Security Bank has taken strong measures to ensure that your information remains secure and confidential. The first step is the use of a secure browser. Certain browsers and certain computers have the ability to communicate securely by scrambling the information as it passes across the Internet. The method of communication is called SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer. We require the use of a secure browser before a connection can be made FSB Online. After you reach us using a secure browser, we take measures to make sure your information is kept secure and confidential.

Your information passes through a "firewall", which is a computer specifically designed to keep out unauthorized users. For security purposes, FSB Online requires you to enter two sets of numbers: your First Security Bank ATM or Visa CheckCard Number and a Personal Identification Number (PIN). You should memorize your PIN and it should only be known to you.

Q. Who can access my account information over the Internet?
A. Your Personal Identification Number (PIN) should only be known to you. Unless you have compromised your PIN by revealing it to someone else, you are the only one who can access your account information using FSB Online.

Q. Why is it important to select "Exit" when I'm finished using FSB Online, or when I walk away from my computer?
A. For your security, FSB Online will automatically end your session if there is no activity on your PC for 10 minutes. However, to reduce your risk of exposure, it is always better for you to end your session by clicking on Exit.

Q.When is FSB Online Available?
A. FSB Online can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Perform your banking when it's convenient for you. FSB Online can be accessed using any Internet Accessible PC, at home, work or while traveling.

Q. Is There Special Hardware or Software Needed to Access
FSB Online?
A. FSB Online does not require any Special Hardware or Software. However, we recommend that you utilize a PC equipped with at least a 28.8 KBPS modem to speed up access. In addition, we recommend that you utilize an Internet Browser with 128-bit encryption such as Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher, or Netscape Navigator Version 4.0 or higher. If you are not sure the speed of your modem or the version of your Internet Browser, please contact your computer manufacturer.

Q. What Does FSB Online Cost?
A. The use of FSB Online to check balances, statements, perform transfers etc. is Free for both personal and business account holders. The Bill Payment option will have a low monthly fee as stated below:

Personal Accounts
FSB Online Only Free
FSB Online and Bill Pay $5.95 per month- Includes10 payments per month, $0.50 each over 10.

Business Accounts
FSB Online Only Free
FSB Online and Bill Pay $5.95 per month- Includes10 payments per month, $0.50 each over 10.

Q. When I Transfer Funds Between my Accounts, How long does it take until the Transfer is posted to my Account?
A. FSB Online processes the transfer immediately after you complete the transfer Online. Funds are immediately effective so that you may use your ATM Card or Visa Check Card or Cash a Check at our Banking Locations. Transfers will post to your account and will be reflected on your statement detail if transferred by & 7:00 PM daily and can be viewed on FSB Online statements the Next Business Day.

Q. What is the Bill Pay Service?
A. Allows you a convenient and secure environment to pay bills and keep records of all bills paid electronically with issue dates and confirmation information. The Bill Pay Service allows you to enter and pay one-time payments or schedule recurring payments or enter future dated payments. You can "Pay Anyone" by entering the Payee's Name, Address and Your Account Number for the Payee.
You save money on checks, stamps and trips to the post office. The service allows you to monitor the payment process from the convenience of your PC.

Q. What information do I need to set up a payee?
A. All you need is the payee's name, address, telephone number and payee-assigned account number. This information can be found on the payees invoice stub, statement or coupon book. If you have no account number (as with an individual, for example) simply place X's in the account number box. This is a required field and must have an entry before payments can be made.

Q. How do I set up payees?
A. Within Bill Pay click on the Payee Administration button, then click the Add Payees button. From there, a predetermined listing of payees will be displayed in alphabetical order. You may select payees from this list to be added to your individual payee list. The Bill Payment Service will pay these payees electronically. If the payee is not located on the listing displayed then you will add the payee manually by entering the complete name of the payee, the payee-assigned account number, and the payee's remittance address, all exactly as shown on your billing statement or invoice. These payees that you have added manually will be paid by paper check delivered to the designated payee by the U.S Postal Service.

Q. What date do I put in the Payment Date field?
A. The date you should enter in the Payment Date field is the date you want the payment to be sent and debited from your designated First Security Bank account. The Payment Date should be in entered well in advance of your due date with each Merchant. The Payment Date for Merchants that accept electronic payments (as described earlier) should be at least 3 business days prior to your due date. The Payment Date for Merchants who do not receive electronic payments (as described earlier) should be entered at least 5 to 8 business days prior to your due date.

Q. When does the money to make the payment come out of
my account?
A. The money to pay bills will be debited from your designated First Security Bank account on the Payment Date entered for each payment. If the Payment Date you entered is not a business day, your designated account will be debited on the next business day.

Q. Can I obtain a proof of payment?
A. You will receive a confirmation number for every payment. This can be used to track payments using the Payment History screen. Otherwise, the proof of payment should be shown on the next billing statement or invoice you receive from the payee. You will also see the payment debited from your account both on your monthly statement and in the Statements feature in FSB Online.

Q. How do I know if a payee has received my payment?
A. You can verify that a payment was sent, by reviewing the Payment History screen within Bill Pay online. Once payments are sent, you can verify the payee has received the payment by reviewing your next billing statement or invoice from that payee or contact them directly.

Q. What happens if I set up a payment, but I do not have the
funds in my account?
A. Funds are not debited from your account until the Payment Date you have entered. You can set up a payment even though you may not have sufficient funds in your account. However, if the funds are not available in the account when your payment is processed, we may refuse to make the bill payment and we may charge a fee. This process is the same as if you had hand-written a check.

Q. How can I start using the Bill Pay option?
A. Simply sign on to FSB Online, click on the Bill Pay button and complete the Bill Pay enrollment form. You can begin setting up payees and payments immediately.

Q. If I have Additional Questions Who Should I Contact?
A. You should contact a FSB ONLINE Customer Service Representative at 405-424-4341 or email us info@fsbokc.com*.